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  • On 3/12/2007, the meeting among Sara Group, CPR group, IWATANI group and SAKAMOTO Chemical Company was successfully held at the office of Sara Vietnam. The meeting’s content was about the cooperation in carrying out business activities regarding producing plastic products, joss powder in Vietnam.

    Senior leaders of the four parties including Mr. Tran Khac Hung, Chairman of SARA Group, Mr. Hiroshighe NaKaKuKa, Chairman of CPR group, Mr. Yasukiro Kanayama, Chairman of IWANTANI group, Mr. Takaya Sakamoto, CEO of SAKAMOTO Chemical Company, and other officers all attended the meeting.

    IWATANIA is a Japanese group specializing in gas and energy. The group has established network of representative companies, branches, offices over the world involving a representative office in Vietnam. SAKAMOTO Chemical is a company which specializes in producing plastic products with more than 40 years of experience. At present, the company strongly extends its operation scale to the Chinese market.
    The meeting among parties was officially organized with the aim to discuss and seek for new cooperating opportunities in plastic field in Vietnam. The Japanese partners committed to assist SARA in producing and consuming plastic products. They would also support extremely in terms of technology to assure product quality meeting international standards.

    At the same time, in the meeting, CPR and SARA continued to discuss and came to agreement about final keys in implementing the joss powder project, preparing for the final four-party meeting (Sara, CPR with Rogress and Jayanti) in the shortest time. Besides, the two parties also discussed about other cooperation opportunities in Vietnam regarding building high-class plastic production factory (stone-imitative plastic) with many preeminent features that are suitable with various construction projects.

    The meeting finished successfully in which the four parties had gained common opinion. Since then, those Japanese corporations have become strategic partners of SARA. This also affirms great success of SARA in the international cooperation forum.                  

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