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  • 1. What is Domain name?

    Domain name is the defined name of Website on Internet. Domain name is often gone with the name of company and trade-mark of business. The Domain name is only one, is granted according to the registration. The Domain name has 2 type.

    The International name as: of (.net, .biz .org, .info...)
    The national name as: of (hoặc,,

    2. Individuals, organisations can register what Domain names are?

    It depends on the mode of organisations, they will gven Domain name according to the following names:


    For organisations, businesses, individuals operating in commercial field.


    Be similar to “COM.VN”


    For offices, organisations, businesses operating in education field.


    For offices, organisations, under central and local State machinery.


    For offices, organisations businesses operating in network


    For political and social organisations, offices, businesses, which are related to political and social field.


    For international organisations operating in Vietnam


    For Institues, organisations, offices operating in study field.


    For organisations, individuals working in field which is high specific


    For organisations providing database of economic, political, and social fiels. And organisations, businesses, offices operating in providing database sources and personal information.


    For organisations and offices operating in health and phamarcy field.


    For the proper name of person who is taking part in activities of Internet.

    3.What are regulations for choosing Domain name?

    Domain name is your choice, however, so that Domain name has been impressive, you should choose:

    ü        Name of company or organisation (For short)

    ü        Name of your trade mark.

    ü        Name of your product.  

    The number of characters of Domain name depend on level you choose (minimum: 3 characters, maximum: 63 ones for each level). You can use the alphabet (from A to Z), numbers (from 0 to 9), and the punctuation “-“ ( not using this punctuation in the beginning or ending of Domain name)

     4.  Whether using Domain name has the disavantages or not?

    Yes. The Owners can not use the following contents in their Domain name:

    ü        The content is against SR Vietnam Constitution.

    ü        The content violates Vietnam’s security and territorial integrity

    ü        The content violates vietnam’s tradition and advantages

    ü        The content incites riots, or makes disputes between ethnics so as to violate the solidarity among ethnic

    ü        The content violates religious policy of Vietnam Communist Party and State, and propagates superstition.

    ü        The content makes rumors which violate society order

    ü        The content propagates depraved culture, gambling, and violence.

    ü        The content insults and defames other people, or violates the rights and benefits of other people.

    ü        The other contents are banned

    ü        The Domain names, realated to name of historical relics, have to be confirmed by the local authority.

    ü        The Domain names, related to celebrities, have been enclosed a explanation of purpose of using.

            5. How to know the Domain name I would like to register were used on the Internet?

    After completing all procedure of registration and paying fee, you can check the existence of the name at” Whois-checking the existence of Domain name” at website of VNNIC.

    6. when chaging Domain name, whether paying fee or not?

    According to the decision of Finance Ministry, fee of 180,000 VND is for a chande of Domai name as follow:

    ·                                 Changing IP address of the server which stores Domain name.

    ·                                 Transfering Domain name into the another server.

    If you change completely the Domain name: the old Domain name is removed. You have to register a new Domain name.

    If you change the address of your office, the telephone, bank account, etc they are free.

    7. When I do not use the Domain name, can I get the fee back or transfer the name for others?

    Domain name fee is considered as a contribution for State budget, so if you no longer use the Domain name, the fee is not back, ang you are not allowed to change it for others.

    8. Who manages Domain names?

    The 1st level International and national Domain names are managed by Internet Corporation for Assinged Names and Numbers (ICANN). The rest is managed by the local management office. In Vietnam, the office is VNNIC.

    9. What is the maximum time of using a Domain name?

    Domain name can be used from 1 to 10 years. When it expires, the onwe of Domain name need to register again.

    10. I can register Domain name without renting server?

    You can only register Domain name in advance. When completing Website design, you need to use the service of renting server.


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