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  • North Middle Area Commercial Centre Trade
  • Sara JSC is the investor of North Central Trade Centre Project. The Centre has two fronts (one is on Le Nin Avenue, other is on Nguyen Phong Sac street). Opposite the centre is Ho Chi Minh Square, the distance from here to Nghe An provincal officials’semi- detached block is about 600 m.

    The total of invested capital: 120 billions.
    The total of area: 2.900 m2.
    The total of invested area (including the trade Centre and the tenement house): 8.047 m2

    On July 2007, Sara Vietnam has completed three – fourth of the total work of stage 1.

    The beginning of January, 2008. The centre will be opened for public use.

    The centre is where dynamic enterprises operates so as to help Nghe An Province develop more and more.

    At present, four – fifth of total area of the centre has been rented and bought by many Enterprises.

    Some pictures of construction the centre:

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