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  • STCO (Korean) - A new brand name with an extraordinary level
  • The fashion trend for men today is always toward luxury, sophistication together with the typical, modern and manly characters.  That’s why many series of collections by both local and foreign designers can not still meet the male customers’ needs.

    “STCO shall fill up a big part of that increasing need for men’s official fashion” said Nguyen Viet Hung- The CEO of SARA Media, the STCO exclusive distributor in Vietnam. “The fashion professionals shall see, from the designs to the materials, the far difference. STCO  shall conquer the fashion-plates, both  connoisseur and the most choosy.”

    The STCO men’s fashion is the kind of products typically and carefully designed in diversification of models, colors and patterns,…all of which are skillfully made. The typical and unique in STCO is the professional tone values, special and diversified in every single sewing line, cloth materials,…all these things are in good-looking tone values making up that sophistication, luxury and manly characters for users.

    The Korean STCO, though just appeared recently, has been attracting many men’s interest. Using the soft and gentle materials and colors, the spiritual designs and the emphasizing points in the collar and sleeves together with such accessories as duff-links, ties and belts makes STCO youthful, elegant, luxurious and not rigid.

    “The  men’s manly beauty and successful image” is STCO’s motto to confidently create men’s new and extraordinary image in 2008.

    Hung affirmed: “when you come to this STCO second showroom for men’s official fashion, you will yourselves see many unique designs for men. The diversified products shown here shall definitely bring surprising contemplation. In the future, SARA MEDIA, the STCO exclusive distributor, shall develop this Korean STCO known wide and popular all over the country and in the Indochina.”






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