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  • Market for embeded system is developed and expanded. Vietnam enterprises are getting to have challenges to develop the new kind of software, when there is more and more the demand of it.

    The software not for computer

    It is considered that all appliances belonging to the embeded system are not for computers such as: control remote, oriental appliance for automobile, mobifone, elctronic pocket, house hold furnirure (T.V, fridge, conditioner,..). In fact, the number of chips used for computers, LAN, Internet only make up 1% the total chips all over the world. The rest belong to the embeded system.

    Market for the embeded system has rapidly developed because products which used appliances of the system have the demand of expanding, changing, improving continually.  According to the data of Business Communications Company, The total of embeded system gained 46 billions USD in 2004. It is estimated that it will be 88 billions in 2009. Japan is the biggest market of embed system in the world. According to startical table of JISA, the embeded system account for 40% in Japan with lots of products: microwave oven, photocopier, laser machine, Fax machine,  crystal screen,.. In 2004, this market gained 20 billions USD in Japan within 150,000 staffs. This is a potential market for China, Indonesia, Russia, Ireland, Israel, and Vietnam.

    Opportunities and challenges

    With the speed of development, Vietnam enterprises have many chances to this market. Mr Phan Van Hoa said that Vietnam enterprises have several advantages such as: plenty young labour force, experieced labours, having Vietnam government’ support.Hoowever, Vietnam is still a new member in this market.

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