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  • Embedded system Market’s developing and openly.Many Viet Nam Enterprises’s standing in front of large chance about develop this form of software, while on demand of software more increase in the world.

     n        An "embedded system" is any computer system or computing device that performs a dedicated function or is designed for use with a specific embedded software application

    n        Embedded systems may use a ROM-based operating system or they may use a disk-based system, like a PC. But an embedded system is not usable as a commercially viable substitute for general purpose computers or devices.

     Making up by 98% structure of electrical products, embedded software and system is becoming a popular processing system.Now, the embedded system is occupying 40% of the software market in the world, increasing there times in comparison with softwares installed in PC. Proundly, Sara Vietnam provides the development of embedded system.

    Building up of a team of Embedded engineers who are young, creative, professional and experienced, we are constantly promoting cooperation with foreign partners in this field.

    Aware of developing trend and demand on human resources in the embedded system field, we are concentrating on embedded engineer training. We build training programs supported by Japanese experts targeting mainly graduating students who are in their final year of school in universities such as Hanoi University of Technology and Collede of Technology of Vietnam National University. 

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