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  • With competition becoming global, production technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated. To keep such plants running effectively, there is an urgent need to achieve zero defects, zero breakdowns and zero accidents. This is the core of the Japanese concept of Total Productive Maintenance, which is similar to the western concept of World Class Manufacturing.
    Sara TPM/WCM facilitates the implementation of all the eight pillars of Total Productive Maintenance, viz focused improvement,5screen.jpg (23881 bytes) autonomous maintenance, plant- maintenance, office maintenance, MP Designs and equipment initial control, statistical process control, quality control, worker's education & training, safety, hygiene & environment control. Based on customer inputs, Sara has added one more module - Customer Feedback - to measure client satisfaction after TPM/WCM is implemented in a factory.
    Focussed Improvement module covers implementation steps, registration of improvement topic, improvement targets, the result of improvement and focussed improvement audit. The Autonomous Maintenance covers the Autonomous Activities, Maintenance Tags, One Point Lessons, Equipment Evaluation Criteria, Abnormalities and Counter Measures and Autonomous Maintenance Audit.
    The Plant Maintenance module covers the Maintenance Activities, Spares Required, Procedure for Maintenance, Time Based Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance, Inspection Schedules, Shut Down Maintenance, Calibration of instruments etc. The Office Maintenance covers the office functions, document analyzing forms, daily work survey, daily/monthly work summary, monthly load charts etc.
    computer6.jpg (12965 bytes)The Quality Maintenance covers the quality maintenance aims, quality defect factors, present status of process, analysis of 4M (Men, Machines, Materials and Methods), Counter Measures, Quality Improvement, Quality Variation etc. Workers education and training module covers worker's skills, training needs, training programs, training schedules, training infra-structure, training programs attended by workers, improvement in workers' skills etc. Safety, Hygienes and Environment Control covers the safety training, emergency handling procedures, safety manuals, health check up of employees, pollution control checks and their results, safety and hygiene audit. Customer feed back module covers the customer complaints and their linkage with production, complaint redressal, effect of complaint and actions to be taken.


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