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    Productivity is the key to a competitive advantage, and productivity comes through people. A good HR system is an invaluable tool for assisting in human resource planning and development.
    Sara HR covers payroll, organization structure, man power planning, recruitment & selection, training, performance appraisal,4screen.jpg (23525 bytes) increments & promotions, incentive schemes, disciplinary action, separation etc. The payroll system includes monthly pay slip generation, attendance, income tax, provident fund, social security, bonus, superannuation, leave management, loan management etc.
    The system maintains a comprehensive database of information on employees. The database covers the biological data, pay slip data, address of contact persons, medical details, passport details, skills, education details, training needs and training courses attended, training cost, history of different postings, key result areas, strength & weaknesses, history of increments & promotions, perks, budget vs actual, disciplinary action taken, separation details etc.
    computer5.jpg (13774 bytes)The system provides information on how many people are leaving the organization next week, next month etc and helps the HR manager to plan and recruit people of certain skills required for the organization. The system provides information on how many people are required with a particular skill, and who are the persons having that skill in the organization. The system also provides information on training needs of the people of the organization and helps the HR Manager to organize such training programs.
    The system also inculcates objectivity in the performance appraisal system of the company by providing Key Result Areas (KRA) and their objective analysis.


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