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  • SARA Center was the precursor of SARA Vietnam, established in 2002, a professional information technology training school in Vietnam with a high- quality learning environment and advanced facilities.

     The classroom for practice sessions are equipped with the most modern projector, computers connected to LAN and the Internet with high speed ADSL line.,

     Career opportunities:

            ·          Obtaining professional IT certificates

    ·          Gaining real experience in parallel with the class session.

    ·          Having chance to practice at the SARA and becoming a member of SARA or its partners.

    Other Activities:

    ·          The young union activities have always been enhanced with performances, shows and sport activities.

    ·          Scientific club is a training ground for students interested in IT, having chances to make the dream come true and apply the creative ideas to real situations.

    Beside IT training and R & D, SARA Center is organizing more short and long –term training programs bout foreign language, finance & accounting, professional skills… basing on very experienced and professionally proficient instructors, modern equipments and material facilities. Every year SARA Center actually has more than 2000 graduates as professional IT engineers. After studying in SARA Center, trainees/ students get many good career opportunities.

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